Bharadvajasana (Bharadvaja’s Twist or Seated Twist Asana)


The name of Bharadvajasana or Bharadvaja’s Twist is inspired by the Sage (Rishi) “Bharadvaja”; who turned into one of the seven Saptarshis and he was the father of Guru Drona. Rishi Bharadvaja also created the hymns from the Vedas. Bharadvajasana is likewise called “seated twist pose” or “Bharadvaj twist”. This pose comes beneath the intermediate degree, so earlier than doing this pose please practice basic poses regularly; after that go for an intermediate pose. This pose is quite simple and smooth to do however carry out this and different Asana underneath the steering of an expert.

Steps of Bharadvajasana

First, get into the staff function (Dandasana).
Now enlarge each leg instantly out in ahead course (in the front of you).
You need to preserve your spine and legs erect.
Maintain your both fingers in conjunction with your frame and your arms need to contact the ground.
After that, you have to bend your left leg from the knee and maintain it on in your thigh in a way that the only of your left foot faces upwards.
After that fold your proper knee and keep it within the Thunderbolt Pose (Vajrasana). Right here, the only of your feet must confront upwards and the higher side of your ft needs to contact the floor or floor.
You need to keep your back instantly.
Keep the palm of your proper hand on your left knee.
Now slowly twist your left hand from in the back of the body and try to touch your right foot; at the moment look behind.
Keep this function around 15 to twenty seconds. (maintain the location consistent with your potential and preserve your respiratory also).
Now slowly breathe out and release your palms shape you’re returned and get lower back to the initial role (Dandasana) and repeat the manner with your different hand.
Repeat this method about 6 to 10 times every day.

Benefits of Bharadvajasana

Practicing Bharadvajasana consistently allows for extending and fortifying your hands, shoulders, spine, thighs, waist, calf muscular tissues, and lower legs (Ankles).
It relives in decreased again pain, neck torment, and sciatica torment.
It is a good remedial for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
It is beneficial within the symptoms of stress.
It gently massages the organs of the stomach.
It boosts the digestive device.
It complements lung capacity.
It stretches the belly and decreases the fat of your belly.
Each day’s practices assist in lowering the facet fat of your frame.
It improves the blood flow in the body.


In diarrhea or free motions don’t exercise this; those who are going through intense headaches or high blood strain problems aren’t purported to attempt this Asana. In conditions of migraine, insomnia or low blood pressure avoid this asana. Please seek advice from a well-educated yoga teacher and health practitioner also earlier than doing asana and Pranayama. if you actually need durable outcomes on your body then do Asana and Pranayama with the right method below proper steerage. Don’t carry out Any Asana or Pranayama in an incorrect way.

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