Svadhisthana-How To Heal It?


(Svadhisthana) Affirmative Statement: I Feel

Sanskrit name: Svadhisthana (dwelling place of the self)

Color: Orange

Frequency: 417 Hz (Solfeggio), 288 Hz (Carrier Wave)

Musical Note: D

Element: Water

Organs: Reproductive system, spleen

Endocrine Glands: Ovaries and Testicles

Identity: Emotional

Rights: To feel, to want

Challenge: Guilt

The sacral chakra also referred to as Svadhisthana (which in Sanskrit way the “residing place of the Self”) is the chakra that governs the emotions, feelings, sexuality, creativity, trade and movement, emotional consciousness, and private/social needs, and procreation.

As soon as stability and security are executed and once worry is overcome, you’ll start experiencing the arena via feelings, feelings, satisfaction, and creative strength. This power vortex is located inside the abdomen, or greater exactly on the pubic bone as the front and its back are near the tailbone.

It’s miles one of the physical chakras, as these kinds of components are nevertheless intently connected to physical stimuli and interplay. The sacral chakra is the seat of your inner toddler. it’s miles quite easy, you could see kids feeling loose to express their feelings, be creative and playful through lifestyles – that is so due to the fact their improvement has come to a degree in which they begin experiencing the vibratory level of the sacral chakra, as soon as the basis chakra balance has been achieved.

Our inner infant normally ‘dies’ when we start residing our lives concerned with how a good deal we get, what we want to do to stay and the way preoccupied we are in life due to work, obligations, and all other ‘grown-up’ factors.

This means the little area for pleasure we should reserve is given away to restraint, concerns, and responsibilities. With this, we start dropping our sexuality, sensuality, and pleasures and we start performing as robots. As a result, we suppress our sacral chakra and it will become underactive and consequently, we begin struggling with the results.

Which organs are the Sacral chakra responsible for?

As we referred to in part I, this chakra governs the reproductive system and the spleen, and its glands are the ovaries and testicles. So if you are having problems with impotence or low libido, you can have troubles with your sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is likewise accountable for the lymph gadget.

So, what are the characteristics of a balanced sacral chakra? 

Someone with a balanced sacral chakra can specific oneself emotionally with no trouble. they’re emotionally intelligent. They permit their feelings to waft freely and don’t have any troubles with their sexuality and sexual expression. they are open to intimacy in a healthy way and they may be sensual.

Those human beings are playful and feature an awesome passion for life. they have a robust ability to embrace alternate and they live their lives to the fullest, experiencing every day as special and as a present. these human beings are creative, free, and open.

What are the characteristics of a sacral chakra out of balance? 

There are two eventualities for a sacral chakra out of stability: it could be underactive or overactive. both instances are unhealthy, as they bring many negative aspects to at least one’s being.

Underactive sacral chakra:

Human beings with an underactive sacral chakra experience a worry of delight and they deny themselves. they’re inflexible, they fear trade, and feature negative social abilities. they may be commonly emotionally numb and every now and then even insensitive.

Those people generally deny themselves of the things that make them experience exactly and they can’t occur what they desire due to the fact their minds normally lean in the direction of negativity.

This makes them lazy, and gradually, they’ll suffer from chronic fatigue sickness and they have a low sex power, which may also even strengthen to impotence or frigidity. they are trying to ‘fit in’ with humans as difficult as they are able to, to such a quantity that they lose their authentic and actual selves.

Overactive sacral chakra:

People with an overactive sacral chakra have a tendency to be over-emotional, growing drama over human beings and events. They have a tendency to have dangerous social interaction and bad barriers which also includes invasion of others’ boundaries too.

They have immoderate temper swings, obsessive attachments and emotional dependency. Sexual dependancy may arise in relationships and also now not taking right caution with their accomplice(s). they may be commonly too childish and too touchy. addiction to stimulation is every other trait they possess, which might also cause drug or alcohol addiction.

How to balance the sacral chakra?

in case you locate yourself in one of the situations of an imbalanced sacral chakra, you might need to help yourself by seeking to balance it. even as electricity recovery (inclusive of Reiki or Crystal remedy) is a very good step, you’ll want to paintings on yours.

LF even afterward, seeing that your body is your temple and you have to keep it wholesome, nourished and easy all of the time. There are several methods of balancing this active middle. below you will find a few useful methods of balancing it, however, be cautious as those techniques are only top for an underactive sacral chakra! in case your chakra is overactive, attempt balancing the neighboring chakras, and the strength will modify itself.

Color therapy (or chromo therapy) 

Orange is the coloration of the sacral chakra, which means that sporting something orange will right away raise the chakra because it vibrates with the same frequency. however, if your sacral chakra is overactive, we endorse that you prevent carrying orange for a while. you could also vicinity an orange poster on your bedroom if your sacral chakra is underactive.

Sound therapy (audio therapy)

you could play solfeggio harmonics at 417 Hz on YouTube. you may additionally chantVAMas a mantra, seeing that its sound frequencies stimulate the sacral chakra.

Nutrition for the sacral chakra 

Orange meals, along with oranges, carrots, tangerines, and additionally almonds, cinnamon, and water.

Physical activity 

Besides yoga, you could dance like no one is looking. simply close the doors, play your favored music, and dance like crazy – particularly together with your hips! gambling infant’s video games, such as building sandcastles at the beach or playing with the toys you used to like. this can wake up your internal baby and balance your sacral chakra.


Sitting readily while focusing your interest on the place just under the navel and visualizing an orange flower blooming at that spot will stimulate the energy of the sacral chakra. you can chant VAM whilst meditating on the sacral chakra.

Meditation in nature is always the quality one there may be, however, if you couldn’t find the time, simply tidy your room and meditate going through a window.

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Muhammad Afzal is the founder of tarot, where he writes about spirituality, mediation, and astrology with the aim of inspiring people on their self-discovery journeys.

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