Emerald Tablets Prophecy: Prophesized Lightworkers To Save The World


How do you know if you are one of the 144 000? 

The ebook of Revelations Chapters 7 & 14 and the Emerald capsules speaks of a prophecy that tells of the incarnation and arrival of 144 000 lightworkers so one can keep the sector in the course of the give up times.

Those people will possess the potential to see thru the veil of darkness and dispel it. by means of doing so, they may put together the sector for the brand new technology of peace and prosperity and the second coming of Christ. The emerald drugs talk of those equal 144 000 lightworkers with a purpose to finally assist humanity to raise the veil.

Certainly, the phrase ‘apocalypse’ means lifting the veil and has been given to do with the ends of times as we comprehend it, however now not necessarily the quit of the world. In truth, each prophecy talks of the apocalypse as the occasion in which humanity will ascend to a greater nation of consciousness.

The 144 000 stated will lead the price inside the ascension with their great talents and developed consciousness and could pave the way for humanity’s subsequent stage of awareness. Sounds too unreal? now not after you read this.

We have come to an age of darkness certainly. Wars are being waged for not anything greater however have an impact on electricity by way of those already in strength. In fact, we are likely heading towards a third global battle with the aid of the seems of it. people are blinded via consumerism, small speech, and reasonably-priced entertainment.

Just as W. B. Yeats explains in his philosophy of the cycles humanity goes thru, we’re heading in the direction of the end of an era, where the whole lot drifts away from the center of sanity and purpose, in which “the high-quality lack all conviction, even as the worst are complete of passionate intensity.” (Yeats, the second one Coming)

The generation we are in is coming to an give up, and the symptoms are seen. this era corresponds with Earth’s rotation around the galactic center, additionally referred to as the Kali Yuga. Earth makes one 360-diploma rotation across the galaxy every 25,920 years and it’s far nearing the quit of it.

The Yuga is made of four components – the primary 2 components (one hundred eighty ranges) are correlated with the ascending attention, while the last 2 (a hundred and eighty ranges) are the ones of descending cognizance. This cyclic upward thrust and fall of attention have introduced approximately the golden a while and the destruction of civilizations.

We are currently in the closing quadrant of descending attention, for this reason nearing the stop of the exquisite cycle.

However, this end of a generation doesn’t imply the end of the sector. It simply means that someway, humanity will start accumulating up the pieces of what’s left in the back of and heads again, or similarly, towards a brand new golden age.

Where do the 144 000 lightworkers come in?

Those first-rate people could be those who will heal the world once they absolutely awaken. It’s some folks will start leading the relaxation through a restoration technique a good way to open up their awareness and align it to a higher mass focus.

Those humans have been genetically programmed with a task, their competencies are set to be completely realized at this most important time in earth’s history. Their task is to store the planet by way of healing and awakening humanity to the understanding that this illusion we stay in is just that – a phantasm.

The amazing alternate has commenced occurring, just as matters have become to worsen. The 144 000  lightworkers may have the task to heal, convey a reason, and liberate people who are misplaced in the darkness of the manipulative effective, who might do the entirety to keep anyone asleep.

So, are you one of them?

There are 10 common characteristics of the 144,000 lightworkers, that they have experienced during the awakening process.

If you possess any of them, you might as well be one of the 144 000 that will save the world:

1. you have constantly diagnosed yourself with superheroes and heroic characters. that is nevertheless the case, even if you are an adult.

2. You sense you were supposed to do something bigger, even if you may positioned your finger on what exactly that is. This deep purpose is a feeling larger than anything you could give an explanation for, and not many are aware you own it.

3. Expert religious standards, better expertise, and extra know-how sense natural to you. It’s such as if you’ve been born with this understanding (sure, you have).

4. You experience unconditional love in the direction of anyone, but you hate them at the same time. It’s like you like the center of their being, which is natural, however, you hate what they have commenced representing – their negativity, conceitedness, addictions, silly selections, and twisted ego.

5. You’ll be experiencing panic assaults and tension troubles.

6. You love the entirety dwelling – animals, flora, you call it. The harm completed unto them makes you experience devastation.

7. You gained stand for any type of injustice.

8. You are continually there to embellish others’ day. you’ll exit your manner to present a supporting hand; you constantly try to cheer everybody up, and also you appear to understand the way to convey an awesome temper in an anxious situation.

9. You’re a beacon of suggestion for lots, even if you don’t note it.

10. You are capable of seeing the dots which connect the opposing duality and you understand how to convey it into oneness, like technological know-how and spirituality, accurate and awful, technology and nature.


We’re nearing the last section of this period, and the veil will soon start lifting. The time to awaken and begin doing what you have been destined to do has started. So, prevent following the norms and trends of the vain and shallow and start doing something larger than something else.

See via your coronary heart, resonate with the affection you possess, and begin waking human beings up. The time of the 144 000 is coming near, and when it does, those may be the beacon of mild in instances of dire darkness.

Muhammad Afzal is the founder of tarot weekly.com, where he writes about spirituality, mediation, and astrology with the aim of inspiring people on their self-discovery journeys.

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