Sidereal Astrology’s Unique Uses


Astrology has existed for many years and has played a significant role in human civilization since the beginning of time. A lot of people have turned to astrology to better comprehend the universe and discover the purpose of their lives. Most people only have a basic understanding of tropical astrology, which is the astrology usually used in horoscopes and other pop astrological practices. In this essay, we’ll delve into the lesser-known field of true sidereal astrology and highlight the distinctive ways in which it can help us comprehend our lives and the world we live in.

In contrast to tropical astrology, sidereal astrology is based on the actual positions of the planets and stars in the sky at any given time. As a result, sidereal astrology is more precise and accurate than tropical astrology, which is based on a fixed calendar and ignores the motion of the planets and stars. The distinction is that the stars’ positions change over time due to the Earth’s precession. This indicates that there is a difference between the two zodiac systems of about 24 degrees. For example, someone born under the sign of Aries in tropical astrology would be born under the sign of Pisces in true sidereal astrology, due to the shift in the position of the constellations.

In addition, tropical astrology, which is based on the zodiac’s 12 signs, uses a different zodiac system than sidereal astrology. A zodiac system based on the actual constellations in the sky is used in sidereal astrology. Ophiuchus is one of the 13 zodiac constellations in true sidereal astrology, although it is not a part of the zodiac in tropical astrology. The enormous constellation Ophiuchus is located on the ecliptic, which is the apparent route taken by the Sun across the sky. It is frequently known as the “serpent bearer” and is linked to the Greek legend surrounding the god of medicine Asclepius. Ophiuchus should be a zodiac sign, according to true sidereal astrologers, since the Sun spends around 18 days a year traveling through it.

Understanding the energy of a specific individual, time period, or location is one of the most practical applications of sidereal astrology. The energy of a location during a specific time is influenced by the position of the stars and planets, and these energies in turn have an impact on human lives. You can perceive the energy that is present in your birth chart, for instance, by calculating the position of the stars and planets at the exact date and time of your birth. You can utilize this knowledge to learn more about your abilities and limitations, as well as the difficulties you’re likely to encounter in life. For instance, a person with a strong Sagittarian influence may find success in travel, higher education, or spiritual endeavors. Someone with a lack of fire sign placements in their chart may struggle with taking action or other fire-related themes. Using sidereal astrology provides us with the most correct and accurate “map” of our lives, helping us to best take advantage of the energy that is truly present in our natal chart.

Another way in which sidereal astrology can be used is to gain insight into the collective consciousness. Just like how the position of the stars and planets can affect our individual lives, they also affect the overall society we live in. By looking at the chart for a particular time and place, it is possible to gain insight into the collective energy that is present at that time. We can analyze specific events, countries, or even our planet as a whole during different time periods. This helps us to additionally understand the larger social and cultural forces that are at work in the world and the challenges that we are likely to face as a society. For example, during a period when Saturn is in Aquarius, a society may experience events structured around humanitarian or futuristic themes. By utilizing true sidereal astrology, we can see the correct positions of the generational planets, which are felt less personally, and more collectively.

Sidereal astrology can also be used to obtain an understanding of the cycles of our lives. In the same way that we see how the planets and stars in the sky go through cycles, our lives do the same. Using astrology, it is possible to obtain a clearer picture of the current cycles we are in and to make the most of that energy. It is also possible to look back and see cycles we may have closed out if we create a chart for a particular time in our past. The bigger cycles of your life, such as the cycles of growth and change you are expected to encounter, can also be identified by analyzing your birth chart. For example, someone with a strong Plutonian influence in their natal chart would be likely to experience the themes of Pluto in the cycles throughout their life, which include transformation, death, rebirth, and power struggles.

It’s important to note that sidereal astrology is not a magic solution to all of life’s problems. It is simply a tool for gaining insight and understanding. Like any tool, it is only as useful as the person using it. A skilled sidereal astrologer can provide valuable insight and guidance, but ultimately, it is up to the individual to take that insight and apply it to their life in a meaningful way. In summary, sidereal astrology is an effective tool for understanding our lives and the world around us.

Muhammad Afzal is the founder of tarot, where he writes about spirituality, mediation, and astrology with the aim of inspiring people on their self-discovery journeys.

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