Parivrtta Parighasana


Yoga Pose: (Parivrtta Parighasana), Place one knee on the mat and the hand to the out of doors of the ankle. Expand the alternative leg out then arch the backbone in a curve. Stretch the alternative arm over the head and lower back in concord with the curve and versatility of the spine.

Now not a lot of weight falls on the knee. Three factors contact the mat. These are the foot of the extended leg, the decreased part of the bent leg, and the hand of the assisting arm.

Location something beneath the knee if it hurts when weight is placed on it.

Earth strength will enlarge from the ft and foot of the prolonged leg all of the ways up thru the body and arm.

It can be difficult to position the foot of the prolonged leg flat on the mat

It isn’t important to tilt into a backbend. You may perform a posture much like Parsvakonasana where the body is sideways and the position of the supporting hand is in horizontal alignment with the hips.

This posture stretches anterior muscles in the shoulders and chests muscular tissues such as the pectoralis main.

Yoga Teacher Tips
This posture is commonly preferred whilst brought in magnificence. Make changes for students if a knee or shoulder condition is present.
Injured areas may be annoyed or at risk.

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