Kandharasana (The Shoulder Pose)


Kandharasana: The phrase ‘Kandha’ comes from the Sanskrit word, which means shoulders, and that means Asana is a seat, pose, or posture. Whilst you perform this Asana, You have to maintain a few weights of your frame components for your shoulders. So, why this Asana is called so.

Kandharasana (The Shoulder Pose) is extremely good for girls, it strengthens the lady’s reproductive organs and additionally relieves menstrual issues and other disorders related to the Uterus.

Steps of Kandharasana (The Shoulder Pose)

First, get into the placement of Savasana (Corpse Pose) on the floor.
Now, bend each leg on the knee and vicinity your ft close to your buttocks.
Maintain your ankles via your fingers and pull them in the backward direction until your feet touch the butt.
Breathe generally or you could maintain your breath internal and lift your buttocks up along with elevating your back by way of making an arch.
Make sure, that your ft and the shoulder area have to firmly contact with the ground. A load of your frame is supported via your shoulders, toes, palms, neck, and head.
This is the very last posture. hold the location as tons as you feel at ease (in the course of the final pose, try to preserve your breath or breath typically).
To discharge the pose, position down your buttocks and returned to the floor. Free your palms from the ankles and area your palms for your sides but maintain your knees in the bend role.
Repeat the identical method for about five to 10 instances or as in line with your energy.
It is ideal to carry out Paschimottanasana after appearing Kandharasana (The Shoulder Pose).

Benefits of Kandharasana (The Shoulder Pose)

It is useful for treating your stomach problems and waist ache.
This pose is superb for strengthening the girl’s reproductive organs and Uterus. Prevents miscarriage issues by enhancing the health of the Uterus.
It’s miles exceptional for menstrual issues, uterus problems, and one-of-a-kind bronchial situations.
Offers relief backache and accurate a few vertebral disc problems.
It strengthens you again, neck, and shoulders.
Kandharasana tones all of the stomach organs.
It’s far exceptional for Asthmatic patients coz it opens up the lungs.
At some point in this Asana, Your groin & the higher element is toned and elongated.
Exact for those who’ve round shoulders.
The Shoulder Pose realigns your Navel (Surya Kendra) and your backbone additionally.

(Raise your back as much as you can)


Hold the location for 15 to twenty seconds with three to five or 5 to ten repetitions. Don’t cross your body limits and never over practiced any pose. In case of intense lower back pain and shoulder or knee injury avoid this Asana. Carry out all of the Asana in a sparkling environment with relaxed yoga wear. It is strictly counseled to perform all of the yogic Asana in front of a professional teacher & when you have any clinical records please problem your medical doctor before doing any Asana.

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