The High Priestess: Interpretation And Meaning Of The Tarot Major Arcana


The high Priestess, the second fundamental arcana, related to Virgin Mary, the Egyptian goddess Isis, or the mythical Pope Joan (a lady pope!), displays the values of spirituality and inner self.

Description of the High Priestess

Inside the Rider-Waite tarot deck, the High Priestess is a woman, seated between a white and a black pillar: J and B (Jachin and Boaz). „ She has the lunar crescent at her toes, a horned diadem on her head, with a globe inside the center vicinity, and a big sun cross on her breast“. The scroll in her fingers is partly included via her mantle and bears the letters TORA. in the back of her, there is the veil of the Temple embellished with pomegranates and palm leaves.

Signification and Meaning of The High Priestess

The High Priestess – General Signification

The excessive Priestess tells one that he has to be aware of intuition, goals, imagination, and even supernatural visions. Deep in your unconscious, you already know what you need to do, for resolving this problem. And, in case you pay attention to it, you’ll discover that your subconscious already gave you a clue approximately the way to action: maybe a fugitive thought, a dream that impressed you, and that you can remember better than another dream.

The High Priestess – Money

there’s someplace a sum of money that you may use, however whose lifestyles stays secret for you. you need to dig deep, to put the right questions to the humans concerned in enterprise with you. perhaps they’re no longer absolutely honest.

The high Priestess offers you the message to convert your abilities and your natural capabilities into cash. everybody has as a minimum one or two marketable abilities. discover yours and turn them into profits! you may start a weblog about cooking or fashion, or sport, or something you like, you may sell your handiwork or your information. There are quite a few opportunities.

The High Priestess – Love

a person secretly loves you. consider your pal, co-people, and neighbors. Is a person continuously searching into your eyes? Does he (or she) recollect what you stated during the closing week or final month, even it was now not something crucial? Does everybody try and spend more and more time with you?

The high Priestess is inconspicuous and does not declare her love out loud in public. however, the depth of her emotions is high. Love really can burn, with this kind of partner.

The High Priestess – Health

perhaps it is a great idea to see a doctor, only for a routine visit. in all likelihood you do not have severe fitness trouble, however, a number of your habits aren’t superb for your fitness and an expert can show you the pleasant approaches to cease them.

The most crucial message of the High Priestess for your health: prevention is continually higher than cure!

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