Dream About Getting Shot And Not Dying – Meaning & Symbolism


Dream About Getting Shot And Not Dying! Getting shot in a dream may symbolize something that is bothering you or is causing you distress. Alternatively, it could represent your fear of death or the challenges life poses. Getting shot and not dying could also suggest that you are about to experience some kind of positive change.

Getting Shot In Dream & Not Dying Meaning

If you dream that someone shoots at you and doesn’t kill you, it means some situation in your life will make you look back on your choices. Alternatively, the dream suggests fear or anxiety about a future event. If someone shot a gun right next to your head but didn’t shoot/kill you- this would be an omen of terrible illness which leaves one just barely alive – hanging between death and survival; not knowing if they are going to die yes or no… Dreaming that seeing yourself being killed by someone else is actually linked with huge success in real life. No matter how many times you get shot in the dream, as long as you don’t die; this is a very good sign.

Getting Shot In Dream Symbolism

If you dream that you are getting shot, it usually symbolizes some kind of pent-up anger or rage that is coming to the surface. It could also suggest that you are feeling threatened or attacked in some way. Alternatively, getting shot could represent some kind of self-destructive behavior that you are engaging in.

If you dream that someone else is getting shot, it means that you are feeling powerless or helpless in a situation. Alternatively, the dream could be warning you about someone who is dangerous or untrustworthy.

If you dream that you are shooting someone, it indicates that you have some anger or hostility toward that person. Alternatively, the dream could represent some kind of self-destructive behavior that you are engaging in.

Getting shot by someone else: feeling threatened or attacked; powerlessness or helplessness; being warned about someone dangerous

Shooting someone: anger or hostility towards that person; self-destructive behavior.

Final Thoughts

Although the interpretation of a dream will depend on how you relate to it. Keep in mind that some dreams are symbolic and not literal. Don’t be too concerned about someone trying to kill you in your dream. Unless there are other factors that suggest this could actually happen. If you are worried, however, it might be a good idea to talk to someone about the dream to see. If there is any underlying meaning that you are not aware of.

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