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5 Interesting Facts About Tarot For The Spiritually Minded

5 Interesting Facts About Tarot! The right reading will cost you more than 1/4, however, they may be very enlightening with the right reader. Many humans flip to tarot when they’re at a crossroads. in...

Manifestation Tarot Spread Layout

Manifestation Tarot Spread Layout! What are you dreaming of? All inventions and innovations begin with a thought. An invisible, intangible concept exists inside the mind earlier than exiting at the physical stage. The Manifestation spread...

The Hierophant And His Avatars – Gandhi (1982 Film)

The Hierophant And Gandhi (1982 Film)! The Hierophant is the 5th major Arcana in all the conventional tarot decks. in the Rider-Waite tarot deck, the Hierophant is a person sitting on a throne, among...

The High Priestess: Interpretation And Meaning Of The Tarot Major Arcana

The high Priestess, the second fundamental arcana, related to Virgin Mary, the Egyptian goddess Isis, or the mythical Pope Joan (a lady pope!), displays the values of spirituality and inner self. Description of the High...

1123 Angel Number Meaning

Our Cosmic Angels are continually around us to manually defend us from troubles. Their essential goal is to direct us in pleasant our targets to energies that assist us toward the nice. We are...

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