Are Leo Men Cheaters! The Dark Side Of A Leo Man In A Relationship


Are Leo Men Cheaters! Are you in love with a Leo man? How does a Leo guy act and reciprocate whilst he is in love? ruled by the solar, the bestower of all the light on the earth, the absence of its miles whole darkness. This entails that your Leo man may also have an excessive darkish side in his persona that is to be understood to make a dating with him paintings higher and longer. The horrific and the unpleasant, here we’re with a list of all of the negative and dark developments that a Leo guy has while he is in a courting.

High ego is the first negative trait of his personality

Ego clashes with a Leo man are very common. not often will you find a Leo man give up while he units his targets. His satisfaction outcomes in conceited behavior and an excessive and strong attitude. This will lead to ego-associated troubles among the partners if each is in a competitive mode all the time. He might no longer take delivery of his mistakes and lacks the humility which is important to the success of any dating.

An exalted ego means he may want to distance himself from his lover for a protracted length of kind refusing to bow down and share the brunt of the hassle with his partner. On an excessive stage, He’ll silently burn himself in his rage instead of speaking matters out. The guys born under the Leo Zodiac signal hate to expose their vulnerability. So he’s going to cry and mourn what influences him in silence even as he hides his face from the entire world.

He is an attention seeker

Being ruled by way of the sun, a Leo guy wishes to be the center of interest everywhere he goes. Its miles count the number of prestige and satisfaction. He desires to be in places in which he is noticed. He wants to be treated like a king in any respect factor of time. Leos want human beings to well know their presence and clap for them to expose their appreciation. that is almost like a fundamental need for his or her survival.

Loss of confidence in every different might also come to be the order of the connection using and huge. For reason, human beings also are drawn to him like a moth is to the fireplace. He wants people to praise him. So, in anything he does, he’s searching out outside validation. however, it could not augur well with a partner who’s shy and introverted. The common urge to garner the eye may additionally irritate an associate who is more likely to distrust his whereabouts.

The Leo man can be dominating in a relationship

It would now not be incorrect to mention that there may be none just like the Leo that craves strength among all the signs in astrology. For a Leo man, it is their way or the motorway. A Leo guy wishes to have a whole lot of his manner. He will never take no for an answer. A Leo native might hardly ever be given the fact that he could be incorrect and there can be an exclusive side to a story.

He’s extraordinarily obsessed with what he believes in and maybe seldom stimulated to assume the strains of someone else aside from his. He likes giving orders and that haughty tone may not be palatable to many. A dominating companion like Leo will anticipate his partner to publish to him both physically and psychologically. This cripples the distinctiveness of his companion and makes her slavish. So, “right down to earth” isn’t something that describes a Leo guy rightly.

This man can belittle those he considers unequal

A Leo is capable of mocking those who he considers underneath him. He units excessive requirements no longer just for himself but additionally for his partner. In case, a Leo guy fails to realize his partner wholeheartedly, he could move on a rant, making the alternative man or woman feel awful approximately themselves even as problem brews within the relationship. He should just overstep the skinny line between self-assurance and self-belief, searching down upon someone with who he holds grudges. This kind of conceitedness is positive to harm an associate who is at the receiving quit of his emotional upheavals.

Those who fail to suppose like him are never in his top books and there could be a conflict of critiques in nearly all activities. pretty a sadist-like tendency, he suffers from a superiority complex and feels the need to reinforce his superiority above anyone else. In making hurtful comments, he boosts his experience of self which he refuses to confess can be fragile in instances.

The Leo guy tends to lack empathy

When a Leo man holds grudges against his associate, he ought to turn a blind eye to all her problems and problems that his companion may additionally undergo. An immodest person may lead him to agree that his problems are the bigger problems while that of his accomplice aren’t noteworthy. this is a dangerous scenario that may make his companion’s experience uncared for while Leo decides to be upset about a trivial difficulty.

If his nature turns malignant, he can neglect approximately the female in his lifestyle to cater to his wishes. As he craves for a person to be there at his beck and phone on every occasion, he would possibly go cold and turn a blind eye to the troubles which could fall apart the foundation of the relationship right away. So, while a Leo man is frustrated or feels dejected, he has a dangerous ability to display no expression of affection in any way.

The Leo male is not grounded

A Leo often believes that his achievements deserve applause, even the smallest tasks that he has executed. This kind of attachment to the result of his work may make him less humble, regularly coupled with an influence that he is the most efficient individual to do any task whilst his companion ought to take a backseat.

Leos ought to ask for something they need or need without the slightest little bit of hesitation. Their confidence may be dubbed as arrogance once they fail to examine things from the factor of view of their lover. The self-targeted man or woman could wreak havoc inside the courting when the opposite character feels left out. Leo men have the propensity to assume that they may be the most effective folks who are crucial within the completely huge international.

The Leo man in love is a bit too jealous

The person born beneath the Leo astrological signal can scare a person who he considers the nearest to him along with his possessive nature. If a female has certainly a sociable person, her Leo man should fast accuse her of factors that she may not be responsible for. This can be extremely disrespectful while he’s in no temper to recognize her part and is on a blame recreation spree.

He expects the best levels of devotion from his companion and wouldn’t settle for much less. In case he senses an outside chance to his courting, he might go green with jealousy, unable to control his madness in the system. The king of the jungle is territorial. What belongs to him is his best. consequently, a Leo male will in no way stand someone seeking to compete or chase the affection of his existence.

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